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  • When is your Flooring beyond Repair?

    Often people with older homes are left with the tough decision on whether they should repair their existing solid hardwood flooring or replace it. Before deciding on how to treat your floor, follow our blog to determine if your flooring is fixable or simply beyond repair. Let’s take a look at the factors that will determine if your flooring is repairable. Moisture Damage: Moisture damage is detrimental to wooden flooring and is typically irreversible. If your flooring displays any signs ...See More

  • Interior Design

    We at Three Counties Builders are an established, luxury and high end architecture interior design company based in London. We provide a detailed and custom-made interior designing service that effortlessly covers each and every aspect of your construction project. We create artistic and modern design homes through our challenging attention to detail, empathetic understanding of our valued customer’s ambitions and taste, and a particular awareness of budget and timescales. Thus, the result you get will a house not only magnificently ...See More